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We are a full-service interior design firm that specializes in transforming spaces along the Southern California coastal region. Dwelling Well Design was born out of an insatiable desire to create fresh and authentic environments reflective of those filling the space. 

We specialize in the details through every step of the process. From the initial conceptual stage working side by side with your builder or architect to arranging the final vase of flowers at the dining room table on install day. From the systemization of the schedule to the unparalleled service we’re committed to, we oversee it all.

Our mission is the same, regardless of the client or the size of your project: to help you achieve the highest possible return on every precious moment of your life. We believe that starts in our environments. 


We make our clients fall in love with their environments from a place of genuine connection, we are the hunters and gatherers that tell their story. We strive to understand every clients’ needs - spoken and unspoken, to walk them through the design process with ease and trust, and to be in clear communication every step of the way so that they never have to wonder what’s happening next.  We don’t believe in chasing trends, but we do believe in simplicity without fear of being outlandish and rooms that are grounding before they’re anything else.  An individual that understands the value of sanctuary from chaos and simple gestures that bring them joy creates a happier person, who is more likely to spread that joy to the next person. We are humbled that we get to be a little part of that process. 







Founder Aleigh Sampson started her design pursuit at an art school in San Francisco at the age of 17, soaking in all things architecture and visual design. She found her way down to San Diego and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Her early career was spent in residential construction and design, where she learned the construction process and grew her professional portfolio tremendously. Her clients will attest that she is truly passionate about her work, and that she exudes ease and creativity from start to finish. She fell in love with the little town of Encinitas the first time she laid eyes on it, and getting to live in and serve her wonderful clients from there all along the coast is a dream come true for her. Most recently, she is a new cat mom to two rescue boys and has learned the ins and outs of designing  shared spaces with fur children firsthand. 



Sarah was born & raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis and recently graduated with a B.S. in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota. She has always had a passion for all things design. You could say her career started at a very young age with building furniture and houses for her dolls or helping her dad at his job as a bricklayer. Her favorite part about design is space planning and figuring out the best and most efficient layout as well as coming up with fun architectural details to add to a space. When Sarah & Aleigh connected, she knew she had to make the big move out to California and they’ve quickly become an amazing team. Outside of design, Sarah loves doing anything and everything outside including hiking, camping, and now swimming in the ocean or sitting at the beach and reading a good book.





Deanna is a San Diego native, all-around creative, surf mom, and home stylist. She is passionate about making the every day functions in life beautiful. She is extremely gifted at beautifully curating and thoughtfully designing spaces that are unique, easily maintained, and comfortable to live in. She believes in products that bring beauty with functionality, not take it away. She is a master toy organizer and designer of beautiful kid-friendly spaces. A dabbler in many things, Deanna has taught surfing abroad, coached swimming, taught elementary school and kids fine art, and loves creating custom art.


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